Join our team
Whether you're an employee or a customer, you are assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect. In fact, you're treated like family. The UpFront® philosophy shows through in every aspect of the business and is the code to the company values. For more than 70 years the Hagie family has operated Hagie Manufacturing Company with integrity, putting the company and employees' best interests ahead of their own.

The Hagie vision is to provide our customers with a superior experience, while building on the company's family owned traditions and values.

Together, we can be leaders in our industry.

We are all experts in our field and, because of our knowledge, may be placed in leadership roles for the company; from coordinating an employee event to putting in a new safety procedure. By utilizing everyone's talents and skills we will continue to build the most innovative products in our industry. Innovation can come from any employee and it is that innovation that drives us forward.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and growth with profitability.

We are all focused on our four imperatives, which are our key underlying objectives. We will make steady progress towards our vision and mission by measurably improving the satisfaction of our team (People), taking customers away from our competition (Market Share), satisfying our customers better than our competition (Customer Satisfaction) while utilizing our rewards (Profitability) to drive innovation and leadership within our markets.

The Hagie mission is to optimize our customers growth, by providing the most innovative application equipment in the crop production industry.

Our Strategies will enable us to be successful: Managing by Process, Continuous Improvement, Innovative Market Segmentation, and High Performance Teamwork.

These are the Fundamental Philosophies, or our Enabling Strategies, that are part of the Hagie way of life and success. Without them, it is impossible to realize our vision and mission.

  • Process - a series of actions directed toward a specific aim. Managing by Process improves Hagie's competitiveness by allowing us to identify and take action quickly when opportunities for continuous improvement are identified.
  • Hagie began its Kaizen process in 2000. Just as its definition reflects, the process has continued ever since. The Continuous Improvement process has now become a second nature. Maintaining involvement of people throughout the company instills a feeling of ownership and shares the successes of each event and the company to everyone involved. It also shows the two-way commitment, from both the company and employees, to the same goal to succeed.
  • We are in constant communication with our customers, learning more about their needs. This information allows us to use Innovative Market Segmentation strategies to satisfy the unique needs of the owner operator or custom applicator separately. The variety of Hagie products gives us a competitive edge by providing machines with different capabilities, features, and value to the customers in each market segment.
  • At Hagie, outside-the-box thinking and choosing the best options are part of the High Performance Teamwork that allows us to react faster to the customers' changing needs.

The Key Processes are already in place.

At Hagie, we have the ability to draw and satisfy customers better because of the five key processes that keep us ahead of our best competitor.

  1. We are continually looking for new advancements and features to offer our customers and review them through strategic planning.
  2. As the industry originator, we pride ourselves on being the industry innovator. We are continually developing new product innovations to benefit our customers.
  3. Because we are focused on building a specific product, our production can be customized to fit our customers' needs. This is how we can produce the best quality products in the least amount of time.
  4. We have always known where the most important feedback comes from, the customer. That is why our customer relations are so strong and are relied on heavily.
  5. Every employee has their own unique talents and skills. We make sure these abilities are nurtured through Employee Growth. This results in opportunities that benefit the individual, team, and company.

Excellence UpFront is the secret to our success.

For over 70 years, UpFront® describes more than our products, it describes how we do business. When we focus on achieving a common goal, our decisions and actions result in moments of truth. We strive to make every moment count by:

  • Producing the best products possible in both quality and value.
  • Ensuring every customer’s satisfaction.
  • Sharing in the accomplishments with all the employees.
  • Creating continued growth and success for everyone associated with Hagie Manufacturing Company.

Being UpFront® means:

Being honest and straightforward with employees, co-workers and customers. Providing leadership and support in inter-personal relationships as well as the market place. Instilling a sense of pride and ownership in all we do.