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Hagie & John Deere Joint Venture
Hagie John Deere
What happens when the two industry leaders in application equipment are leveraged together? On March 29, 2016, Hagie Manufacturing Company LLC entered into a joint venture with John Deere. The incorporation of Hagie application solutions completes the John Deere sprayer portfolio with products featuring unique late-season capability, while also expanding the Hagie company footprint to serve more customers across the John Deere distribution network. A partnership designed to capture the synergies and strengths of both brands, this relationship is designed with the benefit of our customers in mind.
Hagie is focused on Employees. Are you focused on Hagie?
Hagie Manufacturing is a leader in the agricultural industry in providing crop protection solutions to customers in the form of high clearance sprayers. For 70 years Hagie Manufacturing has operated with integrity, putting the company and employees' best interests ahead of their own. This has led to Hagie Manufacturing being certified by WorldBlu as a Most Democratic Workplace in 2014, 2015, 2016 and being recognized as #6 Top Workplace in Iowa for 2013.
At Hagie, we believe having fun at work should be a daily experience. A positive and fun working atmosphere increases employee retention, produces higher quality products, and in turn creates happier customers. Our recruiting goals are to fill our company with positive, motivated, and determined individuals that propel our company forward with innovative thinking, optimistic attitudes, and encouraging teamwork. Our team consists of engaged employees that aim to grow, and who are in it for the bigger picture. Through submerging our team in an invigorating environment for success, our employees wake up to a larger sense of purpose and a greater sense of ownership in all that they do, both personally and professionally.
Kyle Bortell - Assembly
2437 Days
“If you are looking for a place to grow your family values and become a better person, then Hagie is the team you want to be a part of. If you truly believe in what we are building here at Hagie you WILL better your quality of life. While working at Hagie, I have witnessed what other companies can only dream about. The steps taken to ensure that the Hagie Family Values are second nature is quite incredible. You truly get to see every day that the ones that believe in the Values are the ones that grow within this company.”