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Hagie Manufacturing is a leader in the agricultural industry in providing crop protection solutions to customers in the form of high clearance sprayers. For 70 years Hagie Manufacturing has operated with integrity, putting the company and employees' best interests ahead of their own. This has led to Hagie Manufacturing being certified by WorldBlu as a Most Democratic Workplace in 2014, 2015, 2016 and being recognized as #6 Top Workplace in Iowa for 2013.

At Hagie, we believe having fun at work should be a daily experience. A positive and fun working atmosphere increases employee retention, produces higher quality products, and in turn creates happier customers. Our recruiting goals are to fill our company with positive, motivated, and determined individuals that propel our company forward with innovative thinking, optimistic attitudes, and encouraging teamwork. Our team consists of engaged employees that aim to grow, and who are in it for the bigger picture. Through submerging our team in an invigorating environment for success, our employees wake up to a larger sense of purpose and a greater sense of ownership in all that they do, both personally and professionally.
Sam Drenth - Engineering Design
1428 Days
“I enjoy working at Hagie because I feel I add value and that value is appreciated outside the form of a paycheck. I also enjoy the life values instilled in the company. The combination makes me feel like an owner and currently I am just an intern. The focus on attitude is HUGE in my opinion, and others as well, being it is the focus at many Monday meetings and e-mails. I was told when hired that Hagie will change me. My initial thought was I am a pretty good guy, do what I say, stay accountable for what I can be, be mindful of others, etc. what else could there be? This positive outlook and being around others that share that positive attitude is contagious. Even in frustrating times, which we all have, having a positive outlook really changed my attitude as a person for the better. It is amazing what something as simple as a smile or a wave can do for a person. The people I surround myself outside of Hagie have noticed this in me and the positive outlook has affected them as well. Coming from a negative work environment made it hard for me to get outside my head and accept life challenges. For me this negativity was a poison and it affected me for the worse. I am so grateful to have joined the Hagie team and even though many may not realize, they have helped me drown that poison, accept challenges and become the person I am capable of being. Regardless of the length of time at Hagie, I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and what the Hagie family has given me. To someone wanting to join the Hagie family, if you truly buy in and accept the challenge, be ready to work harder than you think you can work, do more than you think you can do; be better than you think you can be. This is an expectation that you will reach for yourself along with all the family members that have each other’s backs at Hagie Manufacturing.”
Hagie is one of many organizations across the world
to make the WorldBlu 2016 list. This makes it 3 consecutive years.

The WorldBlu survey evaluates an organization’s practice of ten democratic principles including transparency, integrity, dialogue and listening, accountability and choice on leadership, individualism, systems, and processes. Based entirely on employee feedback, this groundbreaking global award shines a spotlight on visionary organizations that practice successful organizational democracy.

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"Hagie practices the principle of Reflection + Evaluation by holding a company-wide meeting every Monday to look at what happened in the past week and to plan for the upcoming week. The meeting is informational and inspirational. Leaders take time to inform as well as fire up the team for the week ahead. Additionally, they hold a monthly meeting to celebrate wins and welcome new team members."

Top Work Places 2013 Hagie Manufacturing Company

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Top Work Places 2013

In 2013, we were excited to share that Hagie Mfg. has ranked as the #6 Top Workplace in Iowa! Hagie Mfg.’s continuous efforts to enhance culture have heightened overall employee happiness and contributed a boost in position from the #19 Top Iowa Workplace in 2011, to #11 workplace in 2012, and then #6 in 2013.